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At Stonebridge Builders, we are extremely proud of our work. We don't view a remodeling project as simply a job. Instead, we view each of our projects as a way to enhance the homes and the lives of our customers. Each project we undertake, whether commercial or residential, from basement remodeling  to kitchen remodeling or apartment renovation, is performed with artistic craftsmanship and a critical eye for detail.

The projects we have completed, including those featured on this page, give us great pride as builders and designers. We proudly showcase both our residential and commercial property transformations. Our portfolio is our opportunity to show potential customers the quality of work we have done in the past and the standard each customer can expect from us in the future.

Among the projects you will find featured in our portfolio are basement remodeling, kitchen remodeling, complete home overhauls, and apartment remodeling. Our apartment remodeling projects include clubhouses, recreation rooms, offices and lobbies as well as exterior facility maintenance and upgrades.

Please click on the commercial image or residential image above for a preview of completed projects. Each remodeled property includes different views and photographs that you can conveniently scroll through. Clicking on each photograph will enlarge the photo to enhance the details and provide you with a better view.

To get started on your own remodeling project please contact us for a free estimate.

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