Super Dave

While most of our blog posts are related to more *serious* company news, we couldn't help but share a hero story.  

Well Stonebridge Builders has something even better. Super Dave Hanson, one of our extraordinary Project Foremen:



Dave has recently been the subject of very high accolades from our clients.  At the end of each project, we ask our clients to complete a project evaluation to help us to improve our services.  Here is what folks are saying about Dave Hanson:

"We appreciated Dave Hanson.  He was a real help to us, explaining and setting up everything and checking back to see that things were done correctly." -Carol & Bill

"Dave Hanson did a nice job of floating a problem spot in the slab, also a good job of relocating a central vac PVC line.  A pleasure to work with.  Very responsive." - Phillip & Deborah

In short, we are thankful for such an amazing resource on the Stonebridge team and hope that you will have an opportunity to work with Dave Hanson or any of our other fabulous team members!