Stonebridge Earns State of Colorado Cost Containment Certification

Stonebridge Builders is pleased to announce its recent State of Colorado Department of Labor Cost Containment Program Certification.  In 1989, the Colorado state legislature enacted the Cost Containment Program with the objective to decrease the number of employment-related injuries.  Companies that implement and maintain a standardized loss prevention/loss control program are eligible for certification. 

"We have worked diligently over the past few years to implement a comprehensive loss prevention program to help keep our employees and subcontractors safe while on the job site.  Construction sites can be a dangerous place if they are not properly managed, and we want to keep all of our crews out of harm's way," stated Chris Gustavson, Vice President of Stonebridge Builders.  "We are extremely proud to have achieved our Cost Containment Certification, and are especially thankful to our Safety Director, Justin Newburn, for implementing and managing our safety processes.  We couldn't have done it without Justin."

"From large commercial projects to basement finishing projects, keeping our team safe is a critical priority," remarked Ms. Gustavson.  Stonebridge Builders' certification status can be viewed at the following web site, which lists all companies that are certified in the State of Colorado:

safety award.jpg