Why choose Integrated Project Delivery on your next project?


A quick Google search for construction industry trends for 2017 yields a dozen articles about what we can expect in the coming year. From labor shortages to rising costs to increased use in technology, and uncertainty with the new administration, the number one trend could shape how we do business indefinitely.

Construction projects are notorious for getting derailed at numerous different stages in the process whether it’s new construction, a remodel, rehab or renovation. Construction companies are always looking for ways to streamline processes for smoother, better outcomes. Collaborative project delivery methods are taking hold as companies are recognizing the potential for lowering costs, increasing the flow of information between all stakeholders at every stage of the process and decreasing the stress and resources wasted as a result of miscommunication and lack of alignment.

Design-Build and Integrated Project Delivery are replacing the more traditional Design-Bid-Build method as it has become clear that a more collaborative effort from start to finish saves time and money and increases accountability and engagement between everyone involved.

Design-Build and IPD create collaborative, highly functioning teams from the start of a project and encourage alignment of all stakeholders, owners, architects, contractors and subs. These methods provide smarter use of resources and tend to reduce re-work that results from miscommunication and misinterpretation of plans and strategy that can result from the standard Design-Bid-Build process. For example, considering the Contractor a collaborative partner in the design phase can ensure the appropriate materials are chosen, timelines are accurate and budgets are met.

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