Salt & Stair Treads


We’ve had a pretty mild winter so far in the Front Range of Colorado, but we haven’t been immune to snow and icy surfaces. Stairs and pathways have been heavily salted.  While this is great for protecting your residents from falls, rock salt isn’t good for the concrete and can hurt your stair treads in the long run.  The most popular de-icer is sodium chloride which releases a high concentration of chloride as it dissolves, damaging both concrete and metal.  Calcium chloride is another de-icing salt that can also chemically attack concrete.

With Stonebridge Builders’ new Stair Integrity Program (SIP), we can make stair maintenance one less thing on your mind.  By choosing our Annual or Semi-Annual Program, Stonebridge will have our experts analyze each of your stair treads either yearly or twice a year.  We will then give you our recommendations for treads that need to be immediately replaced or may need to be replaced soon.  As a member of SIP, you are then eligible for quantity discounts on our stair tread products and services.

“Many of the community managers we support are dealing with multiple issues to increase lease rates, and we have found that stair tread maintenance can really be a headache,” states Stonebridge Builders’ President, Chris Tolar.  “We have found that providing lifecycle management services, including setting a baseline for a community’s current stair tread inventory, then crafting a stair tread maintenance schedule for each clearly identified tread, can really be a time saver and reduce costs and time for the property.”

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