Scavenger Hunt

After our Senior Leadership Retreat back in January, Stonebridge Builders made a conscious effort to focus on our culture... we wanted to make sure we were a fun place to work.  So we formed a committee to concentrate on the people of Stonebridge.  One of this committee's initiatives involved engaging in quarterly team building activities.

Our first quarter team building activity was a Scavenger Hunt.  Each small team had 3 required stops: a current project, a vendor, and a first-responders' station and drop off tokens of appreciation for each group.  After that, we provided a list of "bonus" points for each team to attempt to win the overall contest.  Many ideas were open to interpretation to encourage creativity.  They also practiced time management with only 2 hours to meet for lunch.  We had employees riding in grocery carts, doing the YMCA, searching for dinosaurs, and spotting "celebrities."  If you and your team would like to use our template, contact us and we would be happy to share!

We pre-selected teams so our employees interacted with departments that they normally might not.  We met at Woody's in Golden for lunch and our team morale was high and everyone had lots of fun!