2019 SBB Scavenger Hunt

On March 15, we had our Annual Stonebridge Builders Scavenger Hunt. We split into teams with a goal of two hours to complete 3 missions and have lots of fun along the way. We dropped off goodies to some of our local vendors and first responders. When we stopped at our vendors, they gave us an envelope with our secret mission. We weren’t just ending at lunch, we were ending at celebration for Dave Hanson’s 10-year anniversary with Stonebridge Builders! So one team picked up balloons, another picked up a cake. And along the way, we all had a ton of fun with “bonus” points along the way.

This activity isn’t just about fun… it’s about turning your colleagues into friends. There was no work talk allowed… the goal was to work with a team that you normally don’t work with and getting to know them on a personal level. Ask about their kids. What are their plans for the weekend? This was all about continuing to build a great workplace culture here at Stonebridge. And by the smiles in these selfies… I think we accomplished it!