Are you a leader or THE leader?

Here is a blog post by our new marketing and sales coordinator, Amy Zamostny:

Ryan Avery presents at the Apartment Association of Metro Denver's September Power Lunch

Ryan Avery presents at the Apartment Association of Metro Denver's September Power Lunch

Yesterday, Lance and I went to the monthly PowerLunch hosted by the Apartment Association of Metro Denver.  Normally (or so I’m told!) they have just average speakers that don’t really make an impact on you, but yesterday was definitely different.  While it was geared towards sales and leasing consultants, Ryan Avery’s message resonated with everyone, because he gave small pieces of advice that are easy to change and better yourself. 

The title of Ryan’s seminar was “Go from “A” to “THE”: Stop being a leader and start being THE Leader.   Immediately my thoughts went to my alma mater, The Ohio State University.  People will ask me where I went to school, and I always say “The Ohio State University.”  I’m not trying to be snotty about it, but it’s the legal name. Back in 1878, they were on to something. With over 125 colleges and universities to choose from in Ohio alone, and with 2 other prominent nationally known OSUs, The Ohio State University knew that they were THE leader:

The “The” was actually part of the state legislation when the university was renamed in 1878. The following excerpt is from the Board of Trustee minutes: ”...the educational institution heretofore known as the ‘Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College,’ shall be known and designated hereafter as ‘The Ohio State University.” Those who wanted the name change thought the original name was too narrow in scope, and that it was inadequate for the institution that was the only beneficiary of the land grant act. President Edward Orton was insistent that a new name would separate the institution from other colleges in Ohio. Legend also has it that “The” was used to show the other colleges which institution was supposed to be the leader in the state - both in size and in financial support from the legislature.
— The Ohio State University

And Ryan’s program started out with examples similar to that.  They showed a football team (my beloved and frustrating Cleveland Browns) and then they showed THE football team (your beloved Super Bowl Champions Denver Broncos).  They showed a football player (I can’t even remember who it was) and then they showed THE Peyton Manning.  They showed a basketball player (a Denver Nugget, maybe Carmelo?) then they showed THE Michael Jordan.  You get the idea.  You can be a builder, but you want to be THE builder, the one we want top of mind when anyone thinks of THE builder is Stonebridge Builders.

Here are a few of his thought processes to turn you from a leader to THE leader in whatever your job position is.  Once we are all THE leaders of our field, then overall Stonebridge becomes THE leader of apartment renovations in Denver.  Think about how each of these can apply in your daily life.

  • When a leader talks, people pay attention.  But when THE Leader talks, people take action.
  • A leader gets ready, but THE leader stays ready
  • A leader has confidence, but THE leader demonstrates confidence.
  • You should always be prepared with the “4321” for your conversations.
    • 4 stories to share at any time:  1 personal success story, 1 professional success story, 1 personal failure story, 1 professional failure story (but never tell a story that does not add value to your situation).
    • 3 facts related to your industry
    • 2 quotes related to your industry
    • 1 question that you can always ask anyon
  • Confidence creates competence
  • People remember what they see first and feel last.
  • 90% of first impressions don’t change
  • Silence is the most powerful tool to use in sales
  • How your body moves dictates how you speak: Every time you move backwards, it’s a sign of weakness.  Step/project your body forward as you speak.  (Try this in the mirror.  The results are pretty amazing!)
  • Eliminate 2 words from your vocabulary: Just and Only. Lose those words and your confidence will soar. i.e. It’s just me in the marketing department.  I’m the only one in the marketing department. I am the marketing department.
  • Words are free, but they cost you a lot
  • “Do what you love because people are going to criticize you anyway.” -Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Do not let one thing ruin everything
  • Confidence is the by product of you being courageous.  Where can you be more courageous?

A link to the preview of his speech:


Miracle on Logan Street

"It's not what you call me, it's what I answer to." This eloquent African proverb embodies the true essence of empowerment.

Stonebridge Builders was extremely proud to be selected as the general contractor and partner with Mile High Behavioral Heathcare for this important community project. "A Miracle on Logan Street" is Mile High Behavioral Healthcare's newest housing initiative for single homeless women who are reclaiming their lives by participating in off-site substance use and/or mental health treatment. The house provides eight woman with their own living spaces, each with its own kitchenette and bathroom, as they continue their journey toward recovery, self-sufficiency and the empowered life.   Stonebridge Builders completed an extensive house renovation which included: remodeling nine individual apartment units, creating an additional ADA compliant suite, a new boiler, fixing all interior wall piping and plumbing, interior drywall repairs, exterior roof and gutter repairs and exterior painting.    Picture: Chris Tolar accepting a handmade quilt, at ribbon cutting ceremony, as a token of appreciation for Stonebridge Builders' contribution and work.

Keeping Up with Color


Whether it’s the leaves on the trees or the latest fashion, color is always changing. In fall, the leaves are changing colors and the climate becomes blustery. This results in the finest of entertaining shifting from the backyard ball game or a BBQ on the deck to the coziness of the kitchen, family room or media room to take in a big game of football.

Often, the seasons change inspires us to update our home as well. Changes can be uncomplicated and minimal to refresh a room. Obliviously, major changes are exciting.  A remodeled kitchen or the basement finish of your dreams may be in the budget and can be done just in time for your entertaining events. Changing seasons is the perfect time to remember color for the walls. Because walls take up over half of the space in a room, wall color is essential to achieving the right look. Brighter colors create a more stimulating and playful environment, while pale and neutral tones evoke a sense of relaxation. You may want to set a certain mood. Design details and color choices will allow you to do so. Engaging a contractor can help you get the best design ideas and the remodel can be completed with minimal stress and anxiety.


Happy to Help Habitat

For the past 4 years, Stonebridge Builders has worked diligently to carefully preserve any usable appliances that are no longer needed by clients.  We have salvaged these appliances, and coordinated their donation to Habitat to Humanity, to be recycled and used by others.

We recently received the following letter from Habitat for Humanity, and these words are very meaningful to our team as we strive to give back to others in the community:

"Habitat for Humanity appreciates ALL the donations Stonebridge has provided to us...without you we could not continue our mission of building" - Cheri with Habitat for Humanity

We thank Cheri and her team members at Habitat for Humanity for such a successful partnership.

Super Dave

While most of our blog posts are related to more *serious* company news, we couldn't help but share a hero story.  

Well Stonebridge Builders has something even better. Super Dave Hanson, one of our extraordinary Project Foremen:



Dave has recently been the subject of very high accolades from our clients.  At the end of each project, we ask our clients to complete a project evaluation to help us to improve our services.  Here is what folks are saying about Dave Hanson:

"We appreciated Dave Hanson.  He was a real help to us, explaining and setting up everything and checking back to see that things were done correctly." -Carol & Bill

"Dave Hanson did a nice job of floating a problem spot in the slab, also a good job of relocating a central vac PVC line.  A pleasure to work with.  Very responsive." - Phillip & Deborah

In short, we are thankful for such an amazing resource on the Stonebridge team and hope that you will have an opportunity to work with Dave Hanson or any of our other fabulous team members!