Amenities are just as important as the units

Today’s multi-family renter is different than in years past. Apartments are not just the first step after leaving home for the first time while saving for a house. Apartments have become long term living arrangements for both young and old. This means that the standards for living have increased dramatically. Renters now expect to have basic amenities that used to be considered “luxury.”

Clubhouses & Leasing Centers This is the future resident’s first impression of the community. It needs to be open and modern with welcoming meeting spaces, lounge areas, and with creative amenities to set the community apart from the competition. Coffee bars, game areas, business centers, fitness rooms, and an indoor area that seamlessly extends to outdoor space have been popular this year.

Outdoor Area It’s not enough to just have a pool and a few chairs. Residents expect comfortable lounge chairs, shaded pergolas, plenty of tables, firepits, BBQ stations, outdoor game areas, and televisions, with everything looking new, updated, and on trend.

Furry Friends It is imperative not to forget about our four-legged family members, especially in a dog-friendly area such as Denver. Dog washes and dog parks are must-have amenities that all new complexes are creating and older properties are consistently adding.

Packages With online ordering and deliveries a daily event, residents want to make sure they have a secure place for their expected packages and with 24 hours access to retrieve them. No one wants to get out of work early or wait to the weekend to pick up items. Secure package rooms and Amazon lockers aren’t a luxury… they are a requirement in any community!

These amenities are what Stonebridge Builders’ clients have been asking for this year. But we love creative ideas and work with our clients’ to bring their vision to fruition. So while this list is what is currently on-trend, we welcome all of your common area projects as well as unit renovations. Give us a call today at 303.425.9999 or email us at to start upgrading your property!