2019 AAMD Trade Show

Our final set up!

Our final set up!

Stonebridge Builders attended the 2019 AAMD Trade Show on May 22, 2019 at the Denver Mart. We were in it to win this year, but sadly we didn’t place. This year’s theme was Dynamic Duos, and our booth was “Tool Time/ “Apartment” Improvement featuring the Dynamic Duo of Tim “The Toolman” Taylor (Mike Anderson, Director of Business Development) and Al Borland (Luke Edwards, Vice-President of Operations. The supporting cast included the Tool Time Girls (Amy Zamostny, Director of Marketing and Human Resources and Anne Bivens, Construction Coordinator).

We used Mike’s tool bench, Amy’s Papa’s old tools and brown recliner, and a tool box we bought off of Mike’s neighbor to recreate the Tool Time set. Special touches like a “signed” photo of Barry Sanders, a pennant from Tim Allen’s alma mater, Western Michigan University, and a family photo of the Taylor family. We also added foam boards of some of our favorite projects!

While we didn’t officially win, we’d like to think we won the People’s Choice vote! We even had attendees asking to take pictures with Tim and Al on our “set”!

We also gave away Home Depot gift cards to some lucky attendees throughout the day!

2019 SBB Scavenger Hunt

On March 15, we had our Annual Stonebridge Builders Scavenger Hunt. We split into teams with a goal of two hours to complete 3 missions and have lots of fun along the way. We dropped off goodies to some of our local vendors and first responders. When we stopped at our vendors, they gave us an envelope with our secret mission. We weren’t just ending at lunch, we were ending at celebration for Dave Hanson’s 10-year anniversary with Stonebridge Builders! So one team picked up balloons, another picked up a cake. And along the way, we all had a ton of fun with “bonus” points along the way.

This activity isn’t just about fun… it’s about turning your colleagues into friends. There was no work talk allowed… the goal was to work with a team that you normally don’t work with and getting to know them on a personal level. Ask about their kids. What are their plans for the weekend? This was all about continuing to build a great workplace culture here at Stonebridge. And by the smiles in these selfies… I think we accomplished it!

2018 Stonebridge Christmas Party

On December 14th, we closed our office and our team headed to Centennial to play a competitive round of TopGolf!

Beforehand, we asked each member of team to rate their golfing ability as “Tiger Woods,” “Happy Gilmore,” “Bill Murray,” or “Charles Barkley.” Many responded that they were in a category of their own… worse than Charles Barkley! But we were able to make some even teams that were ready to compete.

Overall, the team of Mike, Tim, Chris T, Chris G, Anne, and Claude had the highest score and won a medal. The other team of Andre, Drew, Luke, Amy, Jen, and Jim won the participation ribbons. We also competed for the top male (Mike), top female (Chris G), longest drive (Andre), and the toilet bowl (lowest score- Drew). Each winner got a nice trophy!

After we golfed and enjoyed some yummy food, we had a gift exchange of sorts. Traditionally it had been white elephant gifts, but this year we changed it up a bit. Amy selected gifts for each employee based on jokes and their favorite things. There was a kringle (Chris T), the largest sized Ritz Crackers & Dr. Pepper she could find (Drew), and Avalanche themed golf set (Mike), an Ohio State frame with headshots (Jen), Starbucks gift card & Big Bang Theory mug (Claude), and a See-N-Say full of our favorite restaurants for the newest member of our team, Andrew (not to be confused with Andre and Drew!). And the team even surprised Amy with a gift card for breakfast and ice skating for her and her family!

It was a fun, festive day of friendly competition and a relaxing time with our co-workers!

Andre Smith joins Stonebridge Builders


Andre Smith is our newest Assistant Construction Manager.  His background is in property management and we are so happy to have him on our Stonebridge Team!  He has been a breath of fresh air.   When he isn’t managing the latest projects, Andre can be found surrounded by cars.  He is a self-taught mechanic with a love of Chevy cars.  He also is in tough competition for the title of Best Stonebridge Golfer.  And like his counterpart, Drew, Andre usually has a Dr. Pepper in his hand!  We can’t wait to see Andre excel at his position!

Stonebridge Builders hires Jim Ross as a Service Tech

Stonebridge Builders has recently hired Jim Ross as a Service Technician.  Jim brings over 30 years of experience to his position.   Originally from Austin, Texas, Jim loves his Texas A&M Aggies, Houston Rockets, and San Antonio Spurs.   He enjoys coin collecting and spending time with his wife and 6 year old daughter.   We always ask each new employee what 20 second life story they would tell Alex Trebek if they were ever on Jeopardy… and Jim has the best story yet!  Be sure to ask him about the time he froze up when talking on the Oprah Winfrey Show about his company and inventions!

Amenities are just as important as the units

SB-The Bluffs at Highlands After-8.JPG

Today’s multi-family renter is different than in years past. Apartments are not just the first step after leaving home for the first time while saving for a house. Apartments have become long term living arrangements for both young and old. This means that the standards for living have increased dramatically. Renters now expect to have basic amenities that used to be considered “luxury.”

Clubhouses & Leasing Centers This is the future resident’s first impression of the community. It needs to be open and modern with welcoming meeting spaces, lounge areas, and with creative amenities to set the community apart from the competition. Coffee bars, game areas, business centers, fitness rooms, and an indoor area that seamlessly extends to outdoor space have been popular this year.

Outdoor Area It’s not enough to just have a pool and a few chairs. Residents expect comfortable lounge chairs, shaded pergolas, plenty of tables, firepits, BBQ stations, outdoor game areas, and televisions, with everything looking new, updated, and on trend.

Furry Friends It is imperative not to forget about our four-legged family members, especially in a dog-friendly area such as Denver. Dog washes and dog parks are must-have amenities that all new complexes are creating and older properties are consistently adding.

Packages With online ordering and deliveries a daily event, residents want to make sure they have a secure place for their expected packages and with 24 hours access to retrieve them. No one wants to get out of work early or wait to the weekend to pick up items. Secure package rooms and Amazon lockers aren’t a luxury… they are a requirement in any community!

These amenities are what Stonebridge Builders’ clients have been asking for this year. But we love creative ideas and work with our clients’ to bring their vision to fruition. So while this list is what is currently on-trend, we welcome all of your common area projects as well as unit renovations. Give us a call today at 303.425.9999 or email us at info@stonebridgebuilders.net to start upgrading your property!

Tim Patterson is our newest Estimator at Stonebridge Builders


Tim Patterson has joined the team as our new Estimator.  A fairly recent graduate of Colorado State University, Tim holds a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management.  He was born and raised in the Denver area and is a huge fan of the Denver Broncos.  He enjoys snowboarding, ATV-ing, and camping with his new bride, Lindsie and their dog, Sattler, and cat, Cat.  Tim’s vibrant personality has brought some life back into our office and we couldn’t be happier!

Drew Johnson joins Stonebridge as an Assistant Construction Manager


Drew Johnson has been hired as an Assistant Construction Manager.   He has a great personality that is fitting right in at Stonebridge.  After learning Construction Management (as well as studying abroad) at the University of Arkansas (Go Razorbacks!), Drew has over 10 years in the construction business.  When not working hard on his latest project, you can find him doing anything related to the outdoors—hiking, sports, hunting, fishing, and much more!  And when he is on the job site, you will most likely find him with a can of Dr. Pepper and a sleeve of Ritz Crackers.  Drew has already made an impact and we are excited to have him as a member of our field team!

Stonebridge, Mike Anderson are Finalists for AAMD Tributes Award


Stonebridge Builders is thrilled to announce that we are up for two major awards at AAMD's Tributes Awards.  Our company is a finalist for Most Outstanding Local Supplier and our Director of Business Development, Mike Anderson, is a finalist for Most Outstanding Supplier Sales Professional.  

According to the statement of nomination, "Mike isn’t your typical sales professional.  He is one of those rare finds that sell through a simple conversation, not a sales pitch.  He listens to what the client needs and makes recommendations that will benefit the client, not his goals.  Ultimately, he knows that he is in the business of building relationships to last for several projects, not just selling unit renovations.  He has increased our client base and even found opportunities from clients that our previous salesmen had written off."  In addition to his sales techniques, he has landed Stonebridge some major projects that have significantly increased our revenue.  When he isn't out with clients, he has been very active in the AAMD, serving on both the golf tournament and chili cookoff committees and attending nearly every event!

As for Stonebridge's company nomination, we couldn't be happier!  "Stonebridge Builders truly wants to make sure their clients and employees are happy.  The amount of dedication that they invest into making the customer experience a pleasant and repeatable one is commendable.  They definitely care about their customers," said Amy Zamostny in her letter of recommendation for the company.   We couldn't have said it any better!  

Stonebridge's big night will be on November 9, when we attend the AAMD Tributes Awards in downtown Denver.  Wish us luck!



Stonebridge adds Claude Dodaro to our team!


Claude Dodaro has joined the Stonebridge Team as a Service Technician.  Originally from Las Vegas, he graduated with a degree in Software Engineering and spent most of his career as a machinist. He served 10 years in the United States Marine Corps, achieving the rank of Staff Sergeant and awarded 2 Silver Stars during his 3 tours of Iraq.   In his spare time, he also creates custom t-shirts and signs, along with spending time with his wife and daughter.  He volunteers with a local elementary school and is working on a 3D game development. 

It's Grilling Season!

The sun is out, are your residents?  Make sure your common outdoor areas are ready for prime time leasing season!  Stonebridge Builders makes it easy with our recommended grill package starting at $7,650 which includes:

  • Free standing island (2'8" x 7' x 3' tall) with metal framed structure
  • Faux stone veneer
  • Granite countertop
  • 30" Propane American Outdoor Grill

*Assumes BBQ island will be constructed on top of an existing concrete pad.  

Stonebridge Builders' Booth Wins 2nd Place Overall at AAMD Trade Show


On May 23rd, Stonebridge Builders was well represented at the Apartment Association of Metro Denver's Annual Trade Show at the Denver Mart.  This year's overall theme was "Through the Decades" with each row of booths representing a different decade.  While initially our Sales & Marketing team wasn't thrilled with the idea of having to do the 70s (they grew up in the 80s and 90s!) they certainly embraced their chosen theme of "That 70s Show" turning it into "That Stonebridge Show."   And their work did not go unnoticed by their peers, attendees, and the AAMD.  Stonebridge Builders is proud to announce that we won 2nd Place Overall for the Best Booth!

How did we do it?  Lots of collaboration between our sales department and our marketing coordinator (aka the sales team had an idea, and Amy found a way to execute it!).  We found a true vintage couch on Facebook Marketplace, a large wooden spool for a table, our Lead Estimator Eric still had a folding lawn chair, a fresh coat of avocado green spray paint on a cube shelf that was going to be trashed anyway, and That 70s Show basement was created!

The rest was all in the details. Amy's computer screen doubled as a "wood paneled" tv (foam board with scrapbook paper and oven knobs) with a homemade coat wire antenna which played a slideshow of our best renovations.  The ugly orange and brown blanket is secretly a Cleveland Browns blanket and you can find the gold pillows in the Stonebridge lobby (they actually look good and modern!).  Our foam board posters feature some of the ugliest kitchen and bath elements we could find from the 1970s letting attendees know that Stonebridge can transform even the ugliest and most outdated multi-family residences into something modern and beautiful!

Attendees picked up Stonebridge coffee mugs, carabiners, pens, and reusable grocery totes.  They also registered to win two tickets to the Journey/Def Leppard concert at Coors Field on July 21st.  

Stonebridge Builders was also proud to be a presenting sponsor at the luncheon with keynote speaker John O'Leary.   John was an amazing speaker with an inspirational story to tell after being given a 1% chance to live after having 100% of his body burned in a house fire when he was 9 years old.  His outlook on life was so positive and moving.  

In addition to taking some educational classes, we also had fun networking with colleagues we don't get to see that often.  Some of them had some amazing booths!  Our favorites included themes with Toy Story (amazing costumes!), pinball games, photo cutouts, Tip-A-Troll game, M*A*S*H, and the Hustle dance floor!

We are already looking forward to next year... we can't wait to see what our Sales and Marketing Team dreams up for the Chili Cookoff in October and the Trade Show in 2019!

Stonebridge Hires Nick Bojanic as Construction Manager


Nick Bojanic has been hired as the new Construction Manager for Stonebridge Builders.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and over 20 years of renovation experience, most recently managing his own house flips.  

In addition to his new title of Construction Manager, Nick just added his favorite title of "Grandpa" by welcoming his first grandson in May.   When he's not being Grandpa, Nick enjoys golf, gardening, and spending time with his family and dog, Buddy.

The Bluffs at Highlands Ranch's Clubhouse is Complete!

SB-The Bluffs at Highlands After-3.JPG

We are very excited that the new clubhouse at The Bluffs at Highlands Ranch is completed!  We took the clubhouse from just okay to something fabulous to utilize the space to what best fit their residents, including adding a very popular dog wash!  

Other scopes of work including a fresh coat of paint throughout the entire interior and new flooring throughout with tile upstairs, carpet tile in the offices, and LVT flooring downstairs.  Their hardwood floors upstairs were still in good condition so we re-stained them to give them some new life.  We removed walls to create an open floor concept and added custom light fixtures in the main lobby.  Cabinets were added in the kitchenette downstairs and all the countertops were updated.  A handicap accessible ramp was added to the main lobby along with storefront windows and doors.   A glass partition in the lobby area added a modern look without compromising the open feel.  Custom printed murals were also commissioned for the fitness room and downstairs lobby.

Stonebridge Builders helps spruce up Family Homestead


On May 4, a team from Stonebridge Builders helped spruce up the Family Homestead property on East 37th Street in Denver through the Apartment Association of Metro Denver's annual Spring Clean.  

We removed and replaced mulch, added decorative edging, replaced privacy fencing, and picked up trash.  With several former landscapers on our team, we had beautiful beds done quickly and efficiently... just as you've grown to expect from Stonebridge! We had fun as group plus helped out families in transitional housing.  

Stonebridge's Very Own Super Hero!

Dave Hanson_433.JPG

Dave is celebrating his 9th year with Stonebridge Builders, but personally he is celebrating so much more than that.  He was hired back in 2009 as a construction manager, but several years ago he had a tragic motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed.   After several surgeries, he returned to Stonebridge in a new role in the Estimating department.  His extensive construction knowledge makes him an excellent fit for our estimating department.

He has also made great strides with his paralysis and through physical therapy sessions several times a week, he is beginning to walk again without assistance.  It gives our employees so much joy when we see him walking from his office to the copier by himself!

Dave’s trademark humor, positive attitude, and great work ethic make him an inspiring super hero to all of us!