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Since 2006, we have worked for businesses that value quality, communication, and trust. We pride ourselves on being best in class. More than 90% of our business is referral based. Clients compliment the quality of our work, organization, communication, and expedient project schedules.


“First and foremost, we have been overall very satisfied with the quality of their work. They were efficient and stayed on time. Their communication was exceptional. Our expectations were managed well from the beginning. They recognized a project like ours always has unexpected obstacles or delays, but they wanted to stay on top of communicating with us to smooth these over as quickly as possible. This way, when something did come up, for example our painters were delayed by a few days, we were well informed and ready to accept this adjustment. They stayed within budget which was essential for us. Overall, they were a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend using them for any future projects. "Very professional. Always does the job right done the first time. Great communication."

"Communication was key and spot on. This is very important to me so I know where we are according to schedule during the process and I was very well informed either in person or by email."

"Thank you for all the hard work and effort. It has truly been a pleasure working with you...thank you for the diligence and patience and attention to our wishes. We are all very pleased with the results."

"Great team to work with ... I am very satisfied."


"It seems you wrote the book on 'how to do it right' ... excellent customer service and communication skills."

"We think you did a terrific job and we would recommend you to any one who wants quality work and expects good communication."

"Stonebridge Builders was great. We could not have worked with anyone with more professionalism, class and all around great people."

"Our Stonebridge Builders Project Manager was professional, timely, and always called when changes presented themselves."

"You hear horror stories of people's experience with the contractor they've worked with. We experienced only positive things from Stonebridge Builders and all of its subcontractors. You do business the right way. It was a pleasure working with all of you."

"Our project was finished ahead of schedule - keep up the good work!"


"We could not have done it without Stonebridge Builders. They put in the hardworking and all nighters to pull this project together. I trust they will always do a quality job and solve problems so I don't have to."

"I appreciate that I have a general contractor that can handle large and small needs. We have a great relationship with Stonebridge and I know that if one of our Maintenance Supervisors or Property Managers calls, their request will be taken care of quickly and professionally. They are partners in the truest send of the word."

"What I was impressed with was that the team did not get overwhelmed and give up. They pushed through even though I am quite sure it did not end up being lucrative for them. This is an tribute that will make me use Stonebridge in the future. I know I won't be left high and dry if things go bad. Character is a hard trait to find these days and your team has it."

"We have used Stonebridge for years because we can not beat their quality and they can truly turn on a dime. I can confidently move residents into units the day after they are scheduled to be done because they will always will be! Due to their high level of quality, the craftsmanship lasts for years and the value of our investment is truly recognized."

“When we decided to undertake the ambitious project of adding a second story to our beloved home in Golden, Colorado, we knew the importance of choosing the right partner. From the moment we connected with Stonebridge Builders, our concerns were put to rest.

The expertise and vision they brought to our project were unparalleled. Every step of the way, their construction team showcased professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and a genuine understanding of our aspirations for the space. Despite the scale of the project, disruptions were minimal and our daily life remained largely uninterrupted. This level of dedication and consideration is something I hadn't experienced with any other builders in the past.

Price-wise, the value Stonebridge Builders provided far surpassed our expectations. It's rare to find such an impressive blend of affordability and quality. Today, as we enjoy the expansive views from our beautifully designed second story, we're reminded of the excellent decision we made in partnering with Stonebridge.

For anyone on the fence about a remodeling or construction project, I wholeheartedly recommend Stonebridge Builders. Their commitment to excellence is evident not just in the final product but in every interaction, every decision, and every brick they lay.

Thank you, Stonebridge Builders, for turning our house into the dream home we always envisioned."

"Stonebridge Builders transformed our kitchen into a chef's dream! Highly recommended." - Sarah J.

"Our new master bathroom feels like a spa, thanks to Stonebridge's impeccable craftsmanship." - Mike L.

"Stonebridge Builders handled our home's pop top with precision. We couldn't be happier!" - Emily K.

"Our basement went from bleak to chic! Kudos to the Stonebridge team." - David R.

"Stonebridge delivered beyond our expectations on our full home remodel. Truly top-notch!" - Grace P.

"Stonebridge Builders paved our asphalt parking lot smoothly. Great job!" - Tom B.

"Our new deck and patio? Absolutely stunning, all thanks to Stonebridge." - Ava G.

"The accordion glass doors by Stonebridge are a showstopper. Our home feels so open now!" - Liam F.

"Every detail in our kitchen remodel was meticulously handled by Stonebridge." - Zoe M.

"Stonebridge Builders transformed our home beautifully." - Ethan S.

"Stonebridge Builders are exceptional when it comes to home additions." - Natalie D.

"Thanks to Stonebridge, our master bathroom is the talk of the neighborhood!" - Ryan W.

"Stonebridge made our vision for a house remodel a reality." - Hannah C.

"The deck Stonebridge built for us is a perfect outdoor haven." - Oscar T.

"Our patio feels like an extension of our living room, thanks to Stonebridge." - Mia H.

"Our pop top project was seamless, all due to Stonebridge's professionalism." - Jacob E.

"Stonebridge Builders gave us a quality basement finish we love!" - Ella V.

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