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As a point of pride we draw on the top talent in the industry to deliver value throughout our client’s construction projects. Our company’s growth has been compounded by an extraordinary rate of repeat, negotiated business that can be directly attributed to the high caliber of the people on our team, many of whom have twenty years or more of industry experience.


Our Founder's Story: From Resilience to Building Futures

The foundation of Stonebridge Builders is deeply rooted in a story of resilience, service, passion and transformation, a narrative that begins with a pivotal moment in the life of our founder, Chris. At a young age, Chris faced a profound personal tragedy—the unexpected loss of his father to a heart attack at 45. This event would set the course for his future, not just shaping his character but also guiding his professional journey into real estate and community service.

In the wake of this loss, Chris, determined to support his mother during such a challenging time, requested a transfer from an initially assigned Air Force base on the east coast back to Colorado. He was stationed at Lowry Air Force Base in Denver, a move that brought him closer to home and marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey. During his two-year tenure at Lowry, before the government's decision to close the base, Chris made a decision that echoed his deep-rooted resilience and commitment to growth—he bought his first investment property at the age of 19. Inspired by Carlton Sheets' real estate investment program, this was not a spontaneous decision but a calculated step towards realizing a dream deeply entrenched in real estate he had since he was a child.

When faced with the opportunity to leave the military early due to the base's impending closure, Chris chose to extend his service, moving overseas to Kaiserslautern, Germany. This decision to continue serving, despite personal loss and the chance for an early exit, underscores a profound dedication to service and a belief in contributing to something greater than oneself.

Upon returning to civilian life, Chris's path of service took on new forms. He served as a police officer in Colorado, where he continued to embody the values of commitment and community service instilled during his time in the Air Force. In 2005, with years of real estate experience and a vision to impact communities on a larger scale, Chris founded Stonebridge Builders. This venture was not just a business but a mission to transform the landscape of real estate and construction, grounded in the principles of integrity, excellence, and community betterment.

Chris's journey of service continued to evolve, while he was running a successful construction company, he took on the role of a volunteer firefighter in Jefferson County around 2007, after leaving the police department. For approximately eight years, he dedicated himself to this role, further demonstrating his commitment to serving and protecting communities in their times of greatest need.

Today, Stonebridge Builders stands as a testament to Chris's journey—a construction powerhouse that has constructed and remodeled assets valued at just over 4 billion dollars and generated nearly 100 million in revenue, all while maintaining a commitment to community, service, and transformation. The development of a 500-home community in Erie, Colorado, hosting construction seminars, building and remodeling for nonprofits, mentoring young entrepreneurs, dedicating time to teach and uplift others in the industry are just a few examples of how Chris and Stonebridge Builders have become a beacon of excellence and positive impact in the real estate and construction world.


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